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Layout and how the work on its development is going

First of all, we need to say that we develop the layout for free. However, since it is created exclusively as part of the order, we do not provide the sketch" personally " afterward. It can only be redeemed. But at the same time, your logo will remain with us and will not be copied to other customers. Each order is an individual work.

How is the work on its development going? In the order You specify the necessary requirements for the layout, such as font, lettering, etc. That is basic settings. In the comments section you can clarify what you want, for example, the location of the 2 lines to see some more fonts or lettering should be exclusively on one side of the tag (by default, the label/image is on both sides to be able to attach a tag to both sides – for example, in cap with cuff and without).

After that, the layout is prepared and sent To the email address specified in the order for approval or adjustment. We always discuss design details before making tags! You definitely won't get a "pig in a poke".

And only after your approval of the layout, we send it to production. Please note that layout development usually takes 1-2 days. There are complex designs or changeable requirements that can delay the process for several days. Therefore, the final production period may also shift. After approval of the layout, we make the order within 7 working days. Sending the parcel on the following Tuesday or Saturday.

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