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Name tags

We offer tags made of wood, genuine leather, eco-leather, satin, silicone, with an image and / or inscription engraved with laser or printed in paint.


The leather used for tags is a natural and high-quality material with a thickness of 1.0-1.4 mm.for cleaning tags, as for all types of products made of genuine leather, do not use gasoline, acetone and other solvents, alkalis, acids. Natural leather is not subject to washing with active surfactants, as well as prolonged exposure to water. For the care of tags suitable special tools for products made of genuine leather. The recommendations from the manufacturers of the skin. 


Eco-leather tags are a great alternative to natural leather and one of the best materials on the Russian market. The surface of the eco-leather used in our production has a nice smooth appearance. The thickness of 0.9 mm. Tags are subject to washing (optimally up to 70o), withstand repeated boiling. They have a high wear resistance, which allows them to be used not only for knitted products that are not subject to washing, but also for ordinary textile products. 


Silicone tags, labels, "sizing" - an original and spectacular type of labels for clothing. Simple operating conditions allow us to use such tags for knitted products, as well as for textile products, accessories, Etc. used in our production of silicone tapes-strong, but plastic, soft, not afraid of moisture. Washing up to 60o is recommended, but avoid rubbing the printed label!


Satin ribbons have a wide range of applications - from the classic "size chart" to individual tags and gift ribbons for Your products. Tapes are soft to the touch, do not fade, easy to care for and have a wide color spectrum. The edges of the tags are heat treated, which prevents the appearance of fringe. It is recommended to wash up to 40o. Avoid active friction printed labels.


Plywood wood used in our production has a thickness of 3 mm and is ideal as hanging labels, sewing tags for products that do not require washing, key chains, badges, brooches and other Souvenirs. Wooden tags and labels perfectly individualize Your product, and can also serve as an interesting addition to Your gift. Products made of plywood wood (with or without varnish) are not subject to washing with the use of active surfactants, as well as long-term exposure to water.

*Before using the product with the tag, test on a sample with the tag attached

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